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What gifts Queen Elizabeth buys for her royal staff on Christmas?


Every year at the time of Christmas, the royal staff members working for the Queen are given a special Christmas gift.

The royal staff eagerly waits for this time of the year to receive their special gifts.

The royal staff has traditionally selected their own Christmas gifts. It’s up to a value determined by their duration of service. But in the past few years, Queen Elizabeth has given all her royal employees the same kind of present. This year, the staff can expect a hand-delivered pressie from the Queen this Christmas. 

It is certain that the 94-year-old reigning monarch would be quite skilful at gift-giving. She would also be fair to her employees. It will be appropriate if we say that Queen Elizabeth has her Christmas routine nailed down by now. This also includes working out what gifts to get for her people.

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On the contrast, it’s quite harder for Queen Elizabeth to work out what to get the royal staff who work for her at Buckingham Palace. She would obviously be knowing about gifts she would give to her family members. But it would be difficult when it comes to the employees. This is why every year, her royal employees get an email in the early period of the year, says March. The email is about asking what they would like from their boss, The Queen.

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Though, the employees have some limited options to choose from. They can only ask for a voucher. The person can choose whether they would prefer a ‘gift token’ or a ‘book token’ from Her Majesty the Queen.

But, there are some rules kept in mind before giving gifts. Not to forget, this gift-giving only applies to that staff who have been in royal service for over a year. Otherwise, you won’t get anything. The most junior staff, working for less than a year, gets a voucher worth $50. Though the yearly gift is said to increase a bit in monetary terms after some given years of service.

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There is a strict regimented way of handling the vouchers

Here, the most senior household staff go first, which are then followed by the clerks and then domestic workers and gardeners. Their names are called by Lord Chamberlain. They one by one step forward to have their present handed to them personally by Her Majesty. The royal staff is also rumoured to have given around 1500 Christmas puddings.

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