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William says George walks like Prince Charles as a young boy: See the video proof


Prince George acts just like his grandfather Prince Charles did as a young boy, according to Prince William.

Prince William made the observation as he and Prince Harry watched old footage of their father playing as a young child.

In an old video, both the brothers were watching a home video from the Queen’s personal ciné films, which shows a young Prince Charles striding across the garden towards his mother and young sister Princess Anne, who is sitting in a pram.

“He walks like George…” Prince Harry noted, prompting his brother to agree: “He does walk like George.” Harry continued: “Or George walks like him. It’s the purpose of the walk.”

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The royal siblings said they probably had similar experiences when they were children. In a throwback video, Prince William told Harry: “We’ve probably chased each other around that garden a few times as well.” His brother replied: “Not for a little while. In the early days when Gan-Gan was around.”

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The footage aired in the BBC documentary Elizabeth at 90 – A Family Tribute to mark Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday. The BBC One show saw various members of the royal family take part and contribute their own personal insights into the monarch’s life.

Created by filmmaker John Bridcut, the insightful programme featured several pieces of exclusive footage from Her Majesty’s personal archives, recorded by the Queen and the late Duke of Edinburgh, and Her Majesty’s late parents King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.

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It also sees Prince William and Prince Harry open up about their relationship with their grandmother, explaining: “I still view her more as the Queen than my grandmother. You have this huge amount of respect for your boss and I always view her as my boss – but occasionally as a grandmother.”

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