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Prince Harry reveals one sweet thing he has in common with nephew Prince George

Prince Harry

There is no doubt that Prince Harry is the most incredible uncle to Willian and Kate’s three young children.

It sounds like Prince Harry has a particularly special bond with his eldest nephew.

The Duke and Duchess were asked by 10-year-old Chloe Henderson what their favourite Disney films were. Prince Harry revealed that he loved The Lion King – which is also one of George’s favourite films – while Meghan said that she has “always loved the Little Mermaid.”

Harry and Meghan were further impressed, revealing that they also liked Zootropolis and Moana. On his favourite moment in Moana, Harry said that it was “when the chicken [Heihei] comes up and he finds himself out at sea in a boat.”

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On his knowledge of The Lion King, he added: “You know who does the voice of Zazu? Rowan Atkinson, who plays Mr Bean.” Meghan then revealed a very sweet detail about her husband.

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Meghan Markle told Chloe that she should watch the film Ballerina and that Harry liked it because the main character had red hair. Harry later delighted Chloe and her elder sister Hana, who was at the event with her, by saying: “We want to come round your house for movie night. “You’d be very welcome,” Chloe replied.

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Prince Harry has been a patron of the charity, WellChild, since 2007. Over the years, the WellChild Awards has played a huge part in highlighting what these families need, and the support that is desperately needed to meet the ever-increasing demand.”

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