Prince George

Throwback: How was Prince George’s first day in school?

Duchess Kate used to miss taking her son, Prince George, to school when she was suffering from morning sickness.

“Prince George’s first day at school went ‘well’.

The head of the lower school, Helen Haslem, greeted the little Prince on his first day at the school gates before being escorted to his reception classroom. Prince George was observed to be nervous as he held his dad’s hand and brushed his face with his hand this morning. We all know that it has indeed been a big week for the Royal Family.

Prince William has revealed: “Catherine is fine but acknowledged some strain. There’s not much sleep going around at this moment”. Prince George was looking smart in his new uniform which included a blue official school jumper with a red logo, blue Bermuda shorts and the best of all was the ‘lace less’ shoes. 

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Along with all his classmates, he spent the day getting to know the teaching faculty and other children as well as completed the task of finding his classroom. The Duchess of Cambridge was a little devastated to miss out on her son’s big moment.

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Prince George
Prince George appeared to mumble ‘hi’ to his teacher as he nervously walked into his new school

“She would have done anything to be there with him”. It’s was a big day in her son’s life but she really has been very sick”.

Tight security was observed near Prince George. Six police officers and several plainclothes police armed with Tasers were seen near the school. Furthermore, they mingled in with the crowds while several of Prince George’s own security detail were also present.

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The Duke of Cambridge left the onlookers disappointed. They did not get even a glimpse of the young Royal on his first day at the school. However, many felt “totally disheartened”. As George did not say hello to people who had lined up in the streets for over an hour.

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