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What do Prince George and Princess Charlotte call Queen Elizabeth and Camilla?


Generally, kids call their grandmothers ‘Grandma’ or ‘Granny’. That’s not the case with Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

So what do they call Queen Elizabeth and the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, behind closed doors? 

When asked Camilla Parker Bowles about it, she said: “My own grandchildren call me GaGa. I really don’t know if it’s because they think I am. It is funny but is still very sweet”. Before Princess Charlotte arrived, Camilla already had five grandchildren of her own via her first marriage to Andrew Parker Bowles. Her son, Tom has two kids while his sister, Laura Lopes has three.

It’s unclear whether George and Charlotte adopted the same nickname. Prince William did slip a little information. In one of 2017’s documentary ‘Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy, William stated that he regularly reminds his children of two grandmothers in their lives.

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One is Carole Middleton and the other is the late Princess of Wales, Diana. Hearing this, it makes sense that they use another familiarity to describe Prince Charles’s second wife.

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Whatever they call her, there is one thing Camilla never forgets to do.

The new biography, The Duchess: Camilla Parker Bowles paints a picture of a totally doting matriarch. Every year in the month of June, Camilla hosts a massive party for both her grandchildren and the grandchildren of friends.

And it indeed sounds like a toddler’s dream come true. Well, maybe this gives us a hint about her relationship with all her grandchildren. Which we think is pretty amazing. As for the Queen, Kate Middleton spilled the beans on Prince George’s informal name for the sovereign in another documentary.

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Kate said: “He calls her ‘Gan-Gan. And, the Queen totally dotes on her grandchildren. She always leaves a little gift or something in their room when we go and stay. This just shows her love for the family”.

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