Prince Harry

Prince Harry’s favourite snack revealed – and it’s from Canada


Former royal chef Darren McGrady took to Twitter to reveal one of Prince Harry’s favourite sweet treats – Nanaimo bars!

Prince William is also a fan of his brother’s favourite treat.

The delicious-sounding bars are made in a Canadian city of the same name and feature a coconut base, custard filling and a chocolate topping.

Darren revealed that the Prince has long been a fan of the sugary bars, adding that he used to make them for Harry and his big brother Prince William when they had friends over to Kensington Palace.

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Taking to Twitter, the chef explained: “Prince Harry is no stranger to Nanaimo bars. I used to make them (the Buckingham Palace recipe we got when The Queen visited Canada in 1983) for him and William at Kensington Palace when they had friends over.”

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Darren was personal chef to the Queen, the late Princess Diana and Prince William and Harry for fifteen years, and often shares sweet details about the royal family’s favourite foods on social media – and it sounds like many of them had a sweet tooth!

The celebrated chef has also revealed that the Queen loves to indulge in foods that are rich in “cream and butter and fat” and she certainly isn’t worried about calorie counting.

In a Delish YouTube video, Darren revealed: “One of the things I soon learned working for the Queen, was that all of the dishes were rich in cream and butter and fat. Calories didn’t really matter. We could use as much cream and butter in the dishes as we wanted to and it just made them taste amazing. It really was traditional French cuisine.”

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Darren added that the monarch is also a fan of a dish known as Gaelic steak, which is made with beef tenderloin steaks. However, the royals prefer to use venison caught on the grounds of Sandringham or Balmoral.

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