Princess Diana

How Princess Diana became a fashion icon?


Princess Diana was loved not only because she was a royal, but also because she was an inspiration and fashion icon to many.

A display at Kensington Palace shows how she joined the ranks of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy as a style legend.

It did not take her much time to become a fashion icon among the already existing ones. The thing that really set Diana apart was her ability to communicate with her clothing. Ms Lynn explained: “It is quite surprising how little footage there exists of her actually speaking. We all have our own perception of what was she like. Yet, so much of it still comes from pictures, and a large part of that is informed by the different styles of clothes that she wore”.

Princess Diana evolved a very glamorous regal style for her overseas trips.

She wore a dress emblazoned with gold falcons, an emblem of Saudi Arabia, during a visit there. Her fashion diplomacy clearly reverberates in the legacies of Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama. They are often seen wearing clothing that salutes their guests’ home countries.

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Diana was deeply aware of how her clothing might shape her public image.

If you knew Diana, you would know one of her most famous gestures, which is to remove her gloves very conspicuously to hold hands with the patients. She really used her clothing and fashion sense in order to really hammer home that message.

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It isn’t simply her standards for public dress that made her an icon, but the impressive development of her style.

Ms Lynn said: “What’s actually amazing to me, is when you first meet Diana in the exhibition, you meet her in her debutante dress from 1979. It’s very frilly, very lacy, and quite far removed from the fashion icon that she would have become”.

Moreover, the woman whose career would soon command hundreds of ensembles a year had just three items of clothing in her wardrobe at that time.

But, Princess Diana was quite a quick learner.

Lynn explained: “You can certainly see the frills and the ruffles of her early romantic style disappearing quite quickly. That time, she realized it didn’t work very well for press pictures. It made her look cluttered”. “So around the 80’s you can see the silhouette sleek down. There all the decoration becomes surface embellishment”.

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What has made her image even more powerful over time?

She indeed knew what actually looked good on her. The way she dressed gave her glamour a certain naturalness. Many designers say that she had this look about her, that she’d just sort of run in and run her hands through her hair. People also pointed out her incredible presence and charisma that lifted Diana above those seasonal changes.

All the confidence in her appearance and looks was what made Princess Diana. She indeed brought a change in fashion and achieved elegance.

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