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Photos: Seven year-old Kate Middleton was super cute in an advert for her family’s business


An adorable photo of Kate aged seven with her mum Carole Middleton, brother James and sister Pippa was shared a few years ago.

Duchess Kate could totally have been a model if she wasn’t destined for more royal things.

We’ve all seen her catwalk skills at a university fashion show, but now another gem from her very young modelling days has surfaced, and yes; it’s adorable.

The throwback picture was shared to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Middleton family’s company, Party Pieces. Carole Middleton wrote on the company’s website: “It is still very much a family business today, and over the years all my children have played a huge part in it from modelling for the catalogue to developing new categories for the brand.”

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In the black-and-white photo, which was taken just two years after Carole Middleton set up the business, Kate can be seen to the right of her smiling mum wearing a jumper and a party hat while playing with a party blowout. Her sister Pippa is standing behind their mum while James is seen on Carole’s left wearing a turtle-patterned jumper and a party hat to match his sisters. 

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James Middleton was such a hit that he was given a starring role in a brochure a few years later.

Carole has previously opened up about setting up the company shortly after returning from Jordan, where she and her husband Michael had worked for British Airways.

Party Pieces was established in 1987 when the family returned to the UK after three years in Jordan so that Catherine could attend school here. Carol explained: “We decided it was time to return for Catherine’s schooling. There was very little partyware available on the high street, and finding the simplest of things was a real challenge. I produced a flyer which I circulated in playgroups and very soon I was using our garden shed as a packing room and office.” 

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Carol went on to share how all three of her children helped create the brand, each assisting in different ways. “James established our personalised cakes, Catherine started the 1st birthday side of the business, and Pippa developed the Party Pieces blog.”

What a talented bunch, eh?

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