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Some strange facts about Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s marriage

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Being married for over 7 decades is a major achievement. And that too, when their marriage has been in the world spotlight since day one.

This has always been the case with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

Having been together for decades, this couple has shown the world just how far love can go. However, no marriage is completely easy, and this royal couple definitely isn’t an exception.

Here are some facts that tell us some things about their royal marriage.

Elizabeth’s parents did not approve of the match: Initially, King George VI didn’t exactly approve of his daughter’s choice of groom. According to some reports, the king was concerned about British opinion when it came to his daughter marrying a Greek prince. And it wasn’t just Prince Philip’s family heritage that affected Elizabeth’s father’s opinion. What actually irritated him, was Philip’s loud, boisterous laugh and his blunt, seagoing manners.

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Philip had to make some sacrifices to marry Queen Elizabeth: First off, he had to become a British citizen. Her Majesty’s parents were not thrilled at the time with his family. None of his German family members was allowed to come to the wedding. This even included the Duke of Edinburgh’s three sisters.

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There are suspicions that Prince Philip wasn’t always faithful: With such a highly publicised marriage, there was bound to be news about Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. The news that came out over the years was that the Duke of Edinburgh was not always faithful in his marriage.

There have been rumours over time that associate Philip with women he knew throughout the years. Some reports stated that Philip was romantically involved with an unnamed woman whom he met in the West End apartment of a society photographer.

The couple never holds hands in public: Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have been seen together many times during public engagements. However, they are never seen holding hands during those public moments. But, it isn’t because they aren’t fond of each other. According to the reports, the couple believes in stoic values that are reflective of their generation. Also, Prince Philip called himself more of a pragmatist than a romantic.

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The Duke of Edinburgh was not crowned at the coronation ceremony with the Queen: When Elizabeth officially became the Queen, her husband didn’t receive a new title. In fact, Philip was still the Duke of Edinburgh for some time after Elizabeth’s coronation in 1953. He indeed dedicated himself to her at the ceremony.

Philip said: “I, Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, do become your liege man of life and limb, and of earthly worship. And faith and truth I will bear unto you, to live and die, against all manner of folks. So help me God”.

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