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Know everything about Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton’s relationship.


While William and Kate were working out the first four years of their relationship, Queen Elizabeth made it clear to meet her grandson’s girlfriend.

In the early stages of their relationship, the Queen and Kate were in the same room on at least three occasions.

But it was also observed that there was ‘zero interaction‘ between the two. After a short span of separation, and another year down the line, the time finally came which was right for Kate Middleton to meet Prince William’s grandmother. Five years after they first started seeing each other, Prince William and Kate Middleton were sure that they had a future together.

It was reported that Kate Middleton has made a good first impression on the Queen. This is because the following month Middleton was invited to Windsor Castle when Prince William was inducted into the Royal Order of the Garter.

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It was said that Kate Middleton was the surprise addition to the day. As that was the first Royal engagement Middleton attended. It all busted out with a huge gossip. As it got icing on the cake it was Kate’s arrival in a car with Prince Harry.

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Kate Middleton enjoyed herself with Queen Elizabeth

Building a strong relationship: “Her Majesty sees the Cambridges as the future of the monarchy and trusts Kate and William’s judgment implicitly,” the source explained at the time. “Kate asks for advice about speeches she’s due to make, whom she can depend on most within the palace and protocol dos and don’ts. The queen’s more than happy to impart her wisdom — she’s proud to be Catherine’s go-to adviser about royal life.”

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Duchess Of Cambridge with Prince William.

Kate Middleton said“The most memorable engagement for me was an away day to Leicester. I went without William, so I was rather apprehensive about that. She was very supportive. The fact she took the time to make sure that I was happy and looked after for that particular occasion, which probably in everything that she’s doing is a very small element, it shows just how caring she really is”.

Queen Elizabeth has also shown her fondness for her granddaughter-in-law in her hospitality to Kate’s parents. Not only did she invite them to Royal Ascot in 2011 and 2012 when they rode in her carriage procession, but she also invited them to ride on a boat in her Diamond Jubilee River Pageant.

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Not only was Elizabeth a trusted advisor to both Kate and William until she died at the age of 96 in September 2022, but also a loving great-grandmother to their three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. While she may appear serious on the exterior, the queen has a playful side too, which Kate hinted at during a January 2019 visit to Islington in London.

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