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5 photos of Princess Eugenie and the Queen that will make you wanna hug your “Granny”


Princess Eugenie was very close to her grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. Today would have been the Queen’s 97th birthday.

The late monarch, Queen Elizabeth, made it very clear that her family and all the members always come first and foremost. 

Queen Elizabeth had a total of eight grandchildren. However, we especially love seeing her special bond with Princess Eugenie. Princess Eugenie got married in 2018, and all that we can say is that she looked exquisite on her wedding day.

Princess Eugenie, the third of the Queen’s four granddaughters, was born on March 23, 1990. She is presently eleventh in line for the throne. Her elder sister, Beatrice, is now tenth in line, though neither is expected to ever reign.

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Queen Elizabeth and Princess Eugenie were frequently seen together at royal events. And Eugenie often referred to her as “Granny”. In fact, when Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s youngest daughter got engaged to a wine merchant, Jack Brooksbank in January 2018, Elizabeth was one of the first people to find out.

Here, we have pictures that show the special and strong bond between the Queen and Eugenie that they used to share.

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Princess Eugenie and Queen at the Trooping the Colour celebrations

Queen and Eugenie

This picture was taken at the Trooping the Colour ceremony in London. This picture also showed the bond between the two. As this picture was of those times when Eugenie and the Queen always stood together at this ceremony.

Collecting flowers

This picture was taken at the time of the church service. Here both, granny and her granddaughter are collecting flowers and assembling them.

Little and pretty Princess Eugenie

Well, in this picture, it is quite visible that little Princess Eugenie is all confused about what is really happening.

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Queen and Eugenie

Here, Her Majesty and Eugenie are greeting the public gathered for just a glimpse of the monarch.

Royal meetings

In this picture, Queen Elizabeth is meeting with some people who are invited to Buckingham Palace. And, as usual, we can see Eugenie, assisting her grandmother during this.

Eugenie graduated from Newcastle University in 2013 with honours in art history and English literature. She spent two years living in New York as a specialist at Paddle8, an online auction house. These days, she works in London as a director of Hauser & Wirth, a contemporary art gallery. “I’ve loved art since I was very little,” she told. She’s also an active royal

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