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Queen Elizabeth’s emotional message on her Mother’s, Queen Mother, birthday.

Queen Mother

In honour of the late and the most honourable Royal, The Royal Family paid a tribute to Queen Mother.

The Queen Mother, King George VI’s wife, was born on 4 August 1900 in Hitchin.

The Buckingham Palace even shared some photos of The Queen Mother. One was which showed her with her two daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret. While another was taken on the 25th wedding anniversary of The Queen Mother and her husband King George VI. The Queen solemnly celebrated what would have been her mother’s 120th birthday.

Britain was struck with an outpouring of grief when she passed away in 2002 at the elderly age of 101. But her birthday also gave a chance to the royal family to fondly remember the Queen Mother’s life.

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The royal, Queen Mother sadly passed away aged 101 in March 2002. Queen Elizabeth’s mother died peacefully in her sleep at home at the Royal Lodge in Windsor. The Queen Mother was indeed the first member of the British Royal Family to reach her 100th birthday in 2000.

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In order to pay respect to her late mother, Queen Elizabeth, went to her grave to visit her and wish her a Happy afterlife Birthday. Queen Elizabeth and the other members of the Royal Family prayed for her and took her blessing and laid a bouquet of flowers as an honour of respect.

She died in March 2002, six weeks after Princess Margaret. The Queen had lost the two people to whom she had been closest all her life. A period of ten days’ official mourning was announced by Buckingham Palace.

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But just two days after her mother’s death, the Queen arrived at a private reception in Windsor. In the circumstances, other guests were surprised to see her. A royal equerry who talked to the Queen at the event recalls his own astonishment that she was there so soon after her bereavement.

Despite their mutual love of horses, both the Queen, right, and her mother, centre, were completely different when it comes to their personalities. The Queen Mother was flamboyant while the Queen, right is modest

‘But then I realized that she was doing her duty, as usual,’ he says. ‘It gave me a real feeling of her destiny — of how, in her position, the show must always go on.’

May The Queen Mother Rest In Peace Forever.