Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth is more stylish than Meghan? Well, Meghan thinks so


These days when royals and fashion meet in a headline, more often than not Meghan Markle is involved.

But there’s one royal who’s been stylish and a fashion icon for more than five decades.

Yes, we are talking about the ultimate modern monarch, Queen Elizabeth. Since her engagement to Prince Harry, Markle’s every move and outfit have been well documented. But one thing Queen Elizabeth has over Markle? Literal decades of style.  So will it be enough reason why the queen is the biggest style icon of the English monarchy?

Dennis Basso, a fashion designer talked about Queen Elizabeth in December 2018. Basso praised the 94-year-old’s elegance when asked who his dream front row would be at one of his New York Fashion Week shows. After name dropping, Madonna and Cher, two other queens (albeit without the official titles to show for it), Basso mentioned Queen Elizabeth.

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He told Page Six that while Markle “is a girl who is showing up style,” “the queen—that is a double snap,” said Basso (while snapping his finger twice enthusiastically). Basso reportedly snapped his fingers twice to emphasize it.

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Meghan Markle was quoted saying “no doubt Queen Elizabeth’s style has transcended eras and even different millennia”. At just six years shy of 100, Queen Elizabeth managed to make an impact on New York Fashion Week, a few years ago, without even attending. For those who don’t know, the Queen usually carries transparent, birdcage-shaped umbrellas.

Back in February 2018, Queen Elizabeth attended what many speculated to be her first-ever fashion show, belonging to Richard Quinn. Queen Elizabeth sat front row, naturally, in between Chief Executive of the British Fashion Council Caroline Rush and American Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

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On the occasion, Meghan Markle complemented the Queen by saying “She is one of the most quirky people in the world”. “The Queen is also very inspiring. It is clear that she loves colour.” Plus, who can forget Rihanna’s shout-out to her? Anyone who follows the Queen’s wardrobe knows she has coats and hats in every colour under the sun

Meghan Markle revealed a secret to royal fans by saying “royal women tend to wear one solid shade, rather than a print, so they can be seen in a crowd. It makes the shade they choose even more important. Markle may be the most talked-about royal of the year, but the queen’s held down that honour for almost a century. So, according to you, who is more stylish? Queen Elizabeth or Meghan Markle? Personally, I would go with Meghan’s choice and say the Queen is more stylish.

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