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Queen Elizabeth broke this royal protocol for Meghan Markle on Christmas?


There are quite some signals that Queen Elizabeth might be changing her ways for Prince Harry’s new fiance, Ms Meghan Markle. The Queen has been strict when it comes to royal rules.

But this time, she might have a change of heart. Queen Elizabeth is inviting Ms Meghan Markle to her Sandringham house for the Christmas celebrations.

Looking back at the time when Kate Middleton was engaged to Prince William, she was not invited to join the royal family for the Christmas celebrations. She was not invited to their intimate Christmas celebration because they weren’t married yet.

Queen Elizabeth to brake the royal protocol this time.

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However, according to some reports, Her Majesty has broken the royal protocol by inviting soon-to-be royal bride, Meghan Markle to join Prince Harry and the rest of the royal members at a church service on Christmas morning. And have lunch with them all at their Sandringham house.

Royal biographers say Queen Elizabeth is ‘easier going’ and ‘prepared to bend a bit’. But only when it comes to the traditional and royal rules that the whole family abides by.

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According to royal biographer, Ingrid Seward:

“It’s her age you know. It is refreshing that the royal family is prepared to bend a little. They are truly much more enlightened now”.

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Ms Meghan Markle is said to have impressed the guests at the Windsor bash on December 11th. And now, she will marry Prince Harry on 19th May 2018.