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How much money the royals spend on their education?


Have you ever wondered how much does it cost to get the same education as the members of the royal family?

The royals have the access to some of the best education in the world.

There was a time when the royals were tutored privately at home. But now, things have changed. After Queen Elizabeth, almost every member of the royal family attended school. Here’s how much the royals spent on their education

  • Princes William and Harry attended Eton College, a boarding school for boys, which costs $53,074 per year.

The £40,668-a-year school was ranked ninth place out of 100 independent private schools in the UK by Exam Papers Plus. This complete list was compiled by comparing the GCSE results from each school. However, the school came under scrutiny in 2005. A former teacher said she helped Prince Harry cheat in his A-level art class because he was a “weak student.” Both Prince Harry and the school denied the allegations.

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  • Kate Middleton, Princess Beatrice, and Princess Eugenie’s families spent £37,815 ($49,357) each year for them to attend Marlborough College.

According to its website, the co-ed boarding school “is a welcoming community where ambition and scholarship are highly valued. Moreover, creativity is celebrated, diversity is embraced. Here each student is encouraged and challenged to be the best”.

Kate Middleton and Prince William graduated from the University of St Andrews in Scotland: The couple met at their student residence, St. Salvator’s Hall. Kate Middleton even admitted she “went bright red and scuttled off” during their first conversation. Education fees for the university were at an average of $30,780 (£21,228) in 2019. That is definitely less than the cost of the high schools they attended but it doesn’t include living expenses.

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  • Meghan Markle attended Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles costing $17,650 per year.

Markle graduated from the all-girls Catholic school in the year 1999. She sent an apology letter to her former classmates last year after missing a 20-year school reunion. Meghan gave birth to her first son, Archie, the day after the reunion. Further, she went on to study at Northwestern University. There she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in theatre and international studies.

  • However, Queen Elizabeth didn’t attend school.

Well, we all know about this royal. The then-Princess Elizabeth was home-schooled by private tutors. She was taught reading, writing, French, piano, dancing, constitutional history and law, Cheat Sheet reports. However, it is not known how much the family paid for these tutors.

  • Prince Philip studied at Gordonstoun boarding school in Scotland. It costs £29,850 ($38,921) to attend.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s sons, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward also attended the same school. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s only daughter Princess Anne attended Benenden School instead. Presently, Benenden is more expensive to attend than Gordonstoun. It costs students around £37,950 ($49,524) per year to attend, according to Exam Papers Plus.

  • The youngest generation, Princess Charlotte and Prince George attend Thomas’s Battersea, a $23,000-a-year school that teaches morning yoga.

The Good Schools Guide describes the private school as a “big, busy, slightly chaotic school for cosmopolitan parents who want their children to have the best English education money can buy.”

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The Christian school teaches various specialist subjects — including morning yoga — to children aged 4 to 13. Prince George has been attending since 2017, and Charlotte joined him there last September.

We all can see the royals spend so much on their education. But, it’s worth it. Right?

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