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Princess Diana described her sex life with Prince Charles as ‘very odd’.


The Princess of Wales, Diana said that when they were together, Charles would often only ask her to have sex every couple of weeks. 

Diana also said that eventually, any intimacy between the couple ‘fizzled out.

Princess Diana spoke to a speech coach, Peter Settelen in the years 1992 and 1993. It was when she and Charles had been together for 12 years. She told him: “Well, there was sex. There was. There was. But it was odd, very odd. It was actually there then it fizzled out about seven years ago, six years ago, well seven, because Harry was eight”.

Diana went on to say that her instincts and her intuition told her that the situation was slightly abnormal. She also said that Charles would ask her for sex every couple of weeks and that their intimacy became a strange pattern.

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“My instinct told me, it was just so odd,” Diana said. I don’t know really, maybe there was no requirement for it from his case”. Sort of once every three weeks and I kept thinking”. “And then I followed a pattern, he used to see his lady once every three weeks before we got married”. 

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The Princess of Wales then later revealed that she discovered Charles was cheating on her with Camilla Parker Bowles. It was before he left the UK for a five-week tour. She said that she had been speaking to him about the trip when Camilla phoned his study.

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“I was in his study talking to him all about his trip. The telephone rang, it was Camilla. Just before he was going for about five weeks. So I thought, ‘Shall I be nice or shall I just sit here”? And so, I thought I’d be nice. And so, I left them to it and it just broke my heart”.

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