Princess Diana

How Princess of Wales, Diana, became ‘a champion of underdogs’?


Diana said she wanted a “monarchy that has more contact with its people” in an interview with the BBC in 1995.

Fondly known as people’s princess, Diana had a ‘SIXTH SENSE’.

Not only did she live out this wish to her fullest, but she also gave us with lasting lessons on what that contact looks like. Amazon Prime’s “Princess Diana: Behind the Headlines” glances back at the “real Diana” through those who remember her life & legacy.

Princess Diana exhibited an unbelievable amount of concern and empathy for people in need, the sick and the underprivileged said People magazine editor Jess Cagle. Mr Cagle said: “Princess Diana had a sixth sense for somebody in need, and always understood who needed her the most when she walked into the room. “She was going to be a champion of the underdog.”

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Cynthia Sanz, People magazine’s executive editor, stated: “Even from the start, she would go out and reach people and someone would say they needed her that day. “She had an inclination for caring and for people that needed help.”

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The Princess of Wales has widely commemorated “the people’s princess” after the moniker was bestowed upon her by former British prime minister Tony Blair after her sudden and untimely death in 1997. 

Diana spent her years in the limelight as royal shedding light on little-known humanitarian causes and dispelling myths about the disease. She reached out to disenfranchised people in a way no member of the royal family had done in recent memory.

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According to one expert the deftly “manipulated” the media, who had an insatiable appetite for her, to bring awareness to causes like landmines in Angola, homelessness in the UK and the realities of HIV/AIDS. Tom Jennings, the executive producer of the documentary “Diana: In Her Own Words”, said to NatGeo: “There was a conscious decision made on her part.”

He admitted that she once joked: “If I’m going to have cameras aimed at me the whole time, I might use all this publicity for good.” No wonder why she was awarded the title “people’s princess” & she’ll continue to remain a champion of the underdog. 

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