Princess Diana

Why Princess Diana was so often spotted carrying a clutch close to her chest?


Princess Diana, due to her mesmerizing beauty was “the most photographed woman in the world”.

Diana knew how to pose in front of the cameras and those clutches were not just for show.

Princess Diana will always be one of our ultimate fashion icons. Whether she was wearing jeans and a button-down with sons Princes William and Prince Harry, donning a ball gown at a gala, or making a skirt suit look like something out of a dream (which is a feat in and of itself), there was nothing Diana didn’t do great when it came to fashion. It wasn’t until now, though, that we learned the totally practical reason that she was so often spotted carrying a clutch close to her chest.

Every Royal Event she attended, Princess Diana carried a small clutch in her hand. That used to match her gown. Those small clutches couldn’t fit more than lipstick, but she toted them anyway for another very specific purpose.

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The handbag designer regularly helped Princess Diana with all the totes after she opened her Chelsea store in 1993. “She was a very loyal customer with us for a very long time. She would come and see us with no security detail”.

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Princess Diana with her clutch bag

Princess Diana kept her appointments very informal. They used to laugh when they designed what Diana called her. She named these clutch bags as “CLEAVAGE BAGS”. Those were little satin clutches that Diana used to cover her cleavage with when she stepped out of cars.

Clutch bags are also known as cleavage bags.

The name, ‘cleavage bag’ definitely got right to every part of it. Every time Princess Diana stepped out of the car in a low-cut dress, her purse shielded her chest. This trick of Diana worked like a charm.

It’s not only Princess Diana

Princess of Wales, Diana wasn’t the only Royal to adopt a multitasking purse. Queen Elizabeth reportedly uses her famous Launer purse to send secret messages to her Royal Staff. For example, putting it on the table implies a real emergency – the monarch wants the event to end within the next five minutes.

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Leave it to Princess Diana to figure out a way to use fashion to avoid any unwanted headlines or public photographs of buzzed-about wardrobe malfunctions. Consider this trick next time you’re trying to figure out how to elegantly emerge from a vehicle, whether it’s into a swarm of snapping paparazzi or not.

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