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Prince George has inherited a very bold habit from Princess Diana

Prince George

Prince George might appear well behaved when in public, but, it turns out that he might have found himself on Santa’s naughty list.

Duchess Catherine’s eldest son, Prince George, just like any other kid, is very mischievous revealed Prince William.

Prince William and Duchess Kate’s eldest child has exhibited a very cheeky habit that is assumed to have been passed down to him from his father and late grandmother, Princess Diana. The urge to uncover the wrapping on his presents often gets the better of Prince George before the big day, as Prince William has shared. In an interview in 2016, he reportedly told British radio host AJ King that his son had been attempting to get into his gifts early. 

“He said they were all really excited about it (Christmas) and that George is already opening his presents,” AJ said, according to Hello. “He thought it quite funny. That’s kids for you, even the ones that are princes!”

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It’s a habit that Prince William himself and even his mother Prince Diana were both guilty of in their times. So, William may have to think twice before scolding the young royal as he used to do the same when he was a child. “I could not resist opening my gifts, as a parcel of any shape or form has never been safe with me,” Diana wrote in a letter to a friend in 1985.

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Prince William has also picked up this naughty habit from his mother. In a letter to a friend in 1985, Diana said that she’d find her son, who was then three years old, opening gifts in the run-up to Christmas. I hurried home to open your Christmas present, which I thought was quite good considering the 25th is actually two weeks away!!

So, it emerges that Prince George’s playful behaviour runs in the royal family. Of course, we don’t blame the royal kid for the cheeky habit. After all, who hasn’t been lured to sneak a peek under the Christmas Tree when no one was looking?

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Luckily, George will have less time to wait as the royal family traditionally open their presents after dinner on Christmas Eve.

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