Meghan Markle Prince Harry

Even after being depressed, Meghan pays tribute to Prince Harry.


According to Meghan’s father, the new bride is going through a depressed state of mind. He feels his daughter is finding it difficult to cope up with her new role.

But, the Duchess of Sussex is trying her best not to show her deep emotions and keep herself calm.

Attending along her sister-in-law, Kate, yesterday marked the first time that Meghan is attending Wimbledon as a member of the royal family. The last time she was pictured at the event was in 2016, when she was introduced to Prince Harry.

At the sporting event.

For her first appearance at this event as the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan chose to wear a striped blue and white Ralph Lauren shirt. This she paired with crisp white pants.

Meghan Markle’s chic look, worn with her signature messy bun, was very in keeping with the new royal bride’s style. But, there was something more to it.

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It was also a tribute to her husband, the Duke of Sussex, Harry.

When Meghan attended Wimbledon in the year 2016, she was a guest of Ralph Lauren. A source revealed to The Royal UK that it was one of Prince Harry’s friends who introduced the Suits actress to the royal.

Violet Von Westenholz just so happens to work in PR for Ralph Lauren. And, she’s also a lifelong friend of Prince Harry, meaning that it was apparently easy for her to match-make the pair.

As our source reveals:-

“The Duke of Sussex was having a really hard time finding someone. It was something he had confided in his closest friends about. At that time, he was ready to meet someone but it was so hard to actually find the right person”.

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Here came the entry of Violet Von Westenholz. Allegedly, she set them up. And now, just two years later, Meghan Markle is returning to Wimbledon as the Duchess of Sussex.

And, as a sweet tribute to her husband, the royal selected a Ralph Lauren outfit for the event. So, it’s safe to say that she hasn’t forgotten who helped her meet her prince charming.