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Is this what Prince William cooks for Kate on date nights?

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Prince William opened up about his culinary skills during a visit to Belize. The trip marks the Queen’s platinum jubilee.

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, admitted he is not the most talented chef.

The second day of a week-long tour saw William and Kate visiting the Che’il Mayan Chocolate farm, where they ground cacao seeds on the ka-ah, a traditional stone tool.

The parent-of-three children were dancing with villagers and helping them to make traditional chocolate when Prince William revealed his own culinary skills. And while he may not be the best chef, we’re sure he occasionally treats Kate to his signature dish – steak. “I get really worried about cooking it – I hate over-cooking steak,” he said. “I like it medium-rare, so quite alive.”

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Prince William has admitted that his cooking skills leave a lot to be desired, but there are two dishes that he likes to prepare at home – a roast chicken dinner and steak.

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As for whether he enjoys cooking? “I do like cooking, but I’m not very good. And someone told me this was a bake-off, not a mackerel-off,” he joked. “I was expecting to get some chocolate cake.” 

It has previously been revealed that William has quite a sweet tooth, and is a big fan of chocolate biscuit cake – so much so that he requested it for his groom’s cake at the royal wedding in 2011.

Former royal chef Darren McGrady revealed that the Queen is also such a fan that its leftovers have been packaged up and sent to Windsor Castle so she can enjoy them over a weekend. “The chocolate biscuit cake is the only cake that goes up to the royal table every day until it has all gone – sometimes this means it following her to Windsor Castle for the weekend”.

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The Duke and Duchess were also rewarded with a taste of the products at the family-run cocoa farm in southern Belize which is in the village of Maya Center. Later in the week, the couple will travel to Jamaica and the Bahamas as they continue their visit to the Caribbean.

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