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“Clinging to Power” – Theresa May to dare Queen Elizabeth.

British opposition, “Labor Party” backs Theresa May’s election plan. Prime Minister, Theresa May to seek Queen’s permission to form minority government.

Theresa May is all set to cancel next year’s Queen’s Speech so she can “cling to power” for a full two years.

This will mean that the Tories can dodge controversial Commons votes which could topple the Prime Minister. May is already stripping Queen Elizabeth’s speech of bills she put forward.

The elderly now will not lose their homes if they need care, or their triple lock on pensions. Now they even will not lose the winter fuel allowances. It also means, May can concentrate on two years of Brexit negotiations soon beginning.

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That too with less chance of being thrown out of Number 10 on her ear. A two-year legislative programme rather than the usual one also means MPs and peers will get more time to debate Brexit.

British PM Theresa May asked Queen Elizabeth for permission to form a new government on Friday after an election debacle.


Now that May has lost her Commons majority, she’ll need the support of MPs and peers from other parties to get Brexit through.

Queen Elizabeth shakes hands with Theresa May at an event last year


United Kingdom will spend the next two years preparing for our departure from the EU. This will require substantial amounts of legislation. We will build the broadest possible consensus for our Brexit plans and that means giving Parliament the maximum amount of time to scrutinize these bills.

After Failing to Win Outright Majority in UK Election, British Prime Minister Theresa May Runs to Queen Elizabeth for Help.


Queen Elizabeth is being forced to miss Ascot races because May delayed the Queen’s Speech from Monday. She tried to strike a deal with 10 Northern Ireland MPs. David Cameron was the last PM to cancel a Queen’s Speech. So Parliament could remain in session for two years. This was during the coalition with the Lib Dems in 2011. But he had two years’ worth of legislation to put through.

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  1. mel says:

    Theresa May obviously has a good plan for Brexit. Just stop slating her and let her get on with it. You have just added a notch into the EU’s stick.

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