Kate Middleton

Cheers to Kate Middleton for such an amazing step.

Kate Middleton

Wedding is that occasion, which no matter what, brings you and your family together. Even if it is just for a few hours. Well, this royal wedding did the same.

At-least for some people, it did work out in this way.

At the wedding, the second most-anticipated arrival was when people saw Kate Middleton in the chapel. The royal mother made her first public appearance since she welcomed her third born, Prince Louis.

Though, she was spotted in the car on the way to Harry and Meghan’s wedding rehearsal on Thursday. But, this is Kate’s first official appearance.

And, it’s a moment of respect.

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It’s been less than a month since Louis’s arrival, and Kate Middleton was back to her stylish self. She was wearing a light yellow coat dress and a matching hat. And, the most important of all, she had a big smile as she waved to the crowds.

By just looking at the royal wedding, we can just imagine how efforts are put in to be able to make a wedding of this scale, work. And Kate, she has shown all her courage and strength to be able to signify such an ease and composure. 

The Duchess of Cambridge’s arrival was not alone.

She arrived with her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who served as a page boy and bridesmaid in the wedding. She was seen sitting next to the Duchess of Cornwall during the ceremony. 

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Kate wore the dress from Alexander McQueen. She’s previously worn designs from the same designer on several occasions. She also wore a hat by Philip Treacy and shoes by Jimmy Choo. 

This was likely one of the only times the Duchess of Cambridge will appear in public over the next few months. She is only a few weeks into her maternity leave. And so, will continue taking a break from official royal duties until later into the summer.