Princess Charlotte Queen Elizabeth

Princess Charlotte is still the Queen’s mini-me but this photo shows a resemblance to Princess Diana.


The 3 year-old Princess Charlotte is a proud big sister, just like her great-grandmother. Princess Charlotte and Queen Elizabeth has a resemblance.

The little princess captured hearts in the official portraits from Prince Louis’ christening. 

Princess Charlotte has taken her duties as a big sister seriously from the very start. In an adorable photo of the pair taken just nine days after Louis’ birth, she cradled Louis in her lap and placed a sweet kiss on her sleeping little brother’s head.

It’s just the same as Queen Elizabeth’s.

Charlotte’s adoration for her younger brother is reminiscent of Her Majesty’s own duties as an older sister to the late Princess Margaret. Margaret was was four years younger than the reigning monarch.

From Margaret’s birth, the Queen took good care of her only sister. In a portrait with their mother from around 1930, Elizabeth placed a protective hand over her baby sister.

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As they grew up, their close relationship continued to show.

In a picture of the sisters hugging from 1932, Margaret snuggled in close next to her older sibling, who held onto the little one’s arms. The Queen also made sure to steady the toddler during a joint ride on a rocking horse.

Princess Charlotte has given off major Queen Elizabeth vibes in the past. She proved to have inherited the very best of the 92-year-old reigning monarch in school photos. And, it’s all from their captivating gazes to their matching hair part.

Just a few weeks ago, the little princess was seen enjoying a day in the sun at the Maserati Royal Charity Polo Trophy at Beaufort Park. There her father, Prince William was playing in a charity game.

She was rocking little pink sunglasses that perfectly matched her dress. It was practically twinning with Queen Elizabeth, who was spotted wearing dark sunglasses in May while recovering from a procedure to treat a cataract.

However, some say William’s daughter bears a resemblance to his mother, the late Princess Diana.

There have been many instances when the royal watchers have noticed that Princess Charlotte has resembled her late grand-mother, Princess Diana. 

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The same resemblance is noticed between these two pictures of Diana and Charlotte. Many fans even commented by looking at picture. 

“Princess Charlotte has Diana’s eyes❤”, asserted a fan account on Instagram. Some commentators added that the duo also shared a similar lip shape.