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Should Prince Charles accept that the British public is not, and never will be, ready for Queen Camilla?


The old biddy who buy all those royal tea towels and take their tea in coronation mugs represent the British Monarchy’s ‘core support’. 

How does “Queen Camilla” actually sound to you?

Well, according to the law, there is a strong stand that the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla will automatically ASSUME that title when the Crown passes to her husband, who will become King Charles III.

There will be no referendum on this very subject. Nor there will be a reality TV-style competition between Charles; Camilla and William; Kate about who’d make a better Monarchical couple with a phone poll.

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It is destiny that is bound to happen unless any discreet moves are made soon. According to the British Monarchial law, the title of the Queen goes to the wife of the King. When Prince Charles’ grandfather became King George VI, his wife became Queen Elizabeth. Then later she became Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother.

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Charles, Prince of Wales is next in line to the throne. What does this mean for his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall?

The anniversary of Diana, Princess of Wales, always raise the awkward subject again. There is still a substantial opinion in the country that “Camilla” and Charles’ behaviour indirectly caused the death of Diana. With this, the public will never be reconciled to the idea of Her Majesty Queen Camilla.

Those that care little about the Monarchy or are Anti-Monarchists probably aren’t much bothered about the ‘Queen Camilla issue’. But those who follow the Monarchy tend to be very much divided on the issue.

These kinds of complicating factors last came up with Edward VIII and his wife, Wallis Simpson in 1936. Then, a prime minister, Stanley Baldwin told him that the British people weren’t up for an American divorcee. The British people did not want to accept her as Queen of England and Empress of India.

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Now, coming back to the current situation, it would be more embarrassing, if there was some great public backlash after the event of crowning and Camilla had to be somehow relieved of the title after riots on the streets. Not that modern Britain cares so much about the monarchy but in itself something of a mixed blessing for Prince Charles as he contemplates his future reign.

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