Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is the first royal to break THIS rule after Prince Charles.


History repeats itself. Nearly eight years ago, Prince Charles broke a royal rule. But now, there is an addition to the list. It’s Meghan Markle.

The surprising fact is Prince Harry was there with her, but even he didn’t stop her.

Being a member of the royal family is not only about enjoying the perks. With great power comes great responsibility. Being a royal, one certainly needs to follow some rule and regulations. Clearly, there’s a learning necessity because Meghan Markle just broke one.

This protocol breach was indeed a huge one.

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During her recent visit to Wales with her fiance, Harry, the former Suits actress signed a little girl named, Kaitlin Clark’s autograph book. She wrote: “Hi Kaitlin” with an accompanying heart, a smiley face and her signature.

Not signing for the public, do the Royals have a reason behind it?

Yes, they do. Save for the official signings at royal engagements, members of the royal family are not at all allowed to sign autographs for the public. The fear? It’s pretty simple. Forging a royal member’s autograph can lead to tremendous harmful and illegal things.

So, no one could forge the signature and use it against the family, they do not give autographs. But, Prince Charles did it once. In 2010, Charles broke this protocol when he granted an autograph to one of the victims of the Cornwall floods.

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According to some reports, he wrote: “Charles 2010” and sincerely apologized for his ‘shaky writing’.