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Why it completely makes sense to make Prince Charles the king before Prince William?


When it comes to acquiring the British throne or becoming a king, there is one theory that rules above all the others.

This longstanding speculation of who will become the next king gets heated up every month.

It is the notion that Prince Charles will be passed over in the line of succession in favour of his elder son, William as Queen Elizabeth‘s successor. The headlines claimed that Queen Elizabeth herself has decided to skip over her elder son, Charles in the line of succession and name her grandson and granddaughter-in-law, William and Kate as the next King and Queen.

Well, despite what some Royal Family fans may hope and wish for, this rumour is completely false. Prince Charles will and has to be the next British reigning monarch. To begin with, Queen Elizabeth doesn’t actually have the power to choose her successor on a whim.

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The 1701 Act of Settlement is the act of Parliament that determines the succession to the throne. It also requires that the reigning monarch’s heir must be his or her direct successor. If follow the path this act defines, it sure-shot Prince Charles and not Prince William. And as the Queen or as a matter of fact, any Royal member doesn’t truly have any say or any political power, it’s not up to her to change the law.

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Well, there is yet another very important factor to keep in mind. Prince William certainly does not want to be a King yet. According to his brother, Harry, no one actually wants the throne, not any soon. This is what he recently told The Royal UK. 

It will indeed be safe to assume he’s also referring to his elder brother. William up until a few years ago had another job as an air ambulance pilot. Well, now he has left his job. We can guess why? Well, for now, his family is his priority.

“As a father, Charles wants his son, William to have the chance of normal family life before he takes up the burden of being the King. A King has no family life as it is so restricting and time-consuming”. With this Prince William totally agrees. She adds: ” Prince William doesn’t want to be the King of Great Britain before his father”.

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Prince Charles, on the contrary, is consistently one of the Royal Family’s most active members every year. He has been the first in line to the throne since he was four years old. From the very start, he has been preparing himself for the job. He worked as a full-time Royal for decades.

Now, as Queen Elizabeth is getting older day by day, Charles is taking on more and more royal responsibilities. We have an inherited monarchy and it passes on from generation to generation. Nobody has a say or a choice in this particular matter.

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