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How King Charles tried to control Harry and Meghan by slapping financial restrictions on them?


A thorough three-year investigation has brought to light some surprising revelations about the complex dynamics within the British Royal Family.

Byline Times’ inquiry uncovered a substantial financial penalty imposed on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle by King Charles, who urged them to seek commercial success in the United States.

According to the report, the Royal Family’s funding was reduced by approximately £700,000. Allegedly, The Sun newspaper paid the partner of a Kensington Palace aide for insider stories. This aide was associated with Prince William and purportedly received £4,000 for leaking information about Harry and Meghan, the British publication stated.

The publication noted that the royal household believed that the threat of exposure would compel Harry and Meghan to return to the UK, where their public image could be controlled, thus preventing them from overshadowing the future King.

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Internal sources within the publication confirmed the existence of these payments. The Sun found itself in disarray after these revelations, as anonymous emails revealed, although senior figures reportedly chose to keep the matter under wraps. Despite an investigation by the Metropolitan Police, the lack of identified whistleblowers hindered further progress in the case.

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These events ultimately led to the breakdown of the ‘Sandringham Agreement,’ which was designed to allow Harry and Meghan to cut ties with the intrusive British media while continuing their public service roles in North America. Two internal investigations conducted by the Royal Family cleared the aforementioned aide. However, the Sussexes faced significant pressure to amend their legal documents, but they remained resolute, according to the report.

Sir Clive Alderton and the former Lord Chamberlain Lord Peel, both prominent figures within the Royal circle, were among those who exerted pressure on the couple. When the Sussexes refused to comply, King Charles withdrew financial support, despite Prince Harry and Meghan facing a security threat level comparable to that of the monarch, the report added.

Instead of persuading the couple to return to the UK, the financial isolation pushed them into securing high-profile commercial deals in the United States. Consequently, this has resulted in ongoing tensions within the British Royal Family, ultimately culminating in Prince Harry’s book, ‘Spare,’ and other public ventures.

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Contrary to the initial hopes of the Royal Family, who anticipated that the threat of financial and reputational ruin would prompt the couple to return to the UK, it has only deepened the discord, fostering numerous commercial opportunities for the Sussexes and potentially altering the dynamics within the British Family irreversibly, as highlighted in the report.

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