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Pictures: Duchess Catherine reveals her favourite photos of Prince George

Prince George

The Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton, has revealed which is her favourite photo of Prince George.

Prince George is Duchess Kate’s eldest child and third in line to the throne.

Duchess Catherine candidly revealed that her favourite pictures of her son are among the pictures taken in the family’s royal tour of New Zealand and Australia. Prince George was only nine-month-old then. Out of all these photos, Kate revealed her favourite is of George cuddling up to her during his royal playdate at Government House in Wellington. 

The adorable photo shows the third-in-line to the throne dressed in navy dungaree shorts from Rachel Riley and a white babygro, nuzzling into his mother’s neck as he holds on tightly for a hug. (See below)

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The picture was snapped by professional photographer and Wellington City councillor Simon Woolf.

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“She said it was just lovely and that it was her favourite photo of the tour,” said Simon, adding that he presented the couple with a black and white version of the picture at the end of their time in New Zealand. “There was a bit of a plan for a [staged] family photo,” he added. “But it fell to pieces because they allowed George to sleep for an extra half-hour.”

Having met the royal trio Simon described Prince William as being “a class act” and added that Kate “is every bit as wonderful as he is and she has such a wonderful heart.” The photographer also said that he sent framed copies of the precious photo to Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth.

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Kate Middleton revealed that Prince George isn’t a big fan of vegetables – so much so that she and Prince William have had to sneak them into his food so he won’t notice he’s eating them.

“She said she and William had to mash up all his vegetables so he wouldn’t notice.” Like his parents, George is expected to be sporty and William has already joked his son is “currently preparing for life as a prop forward.”

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