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What was Catherine’s net worth before she married Prince William and what is it now?


The Princess of Wales, Catherine has a wardrobe and jewellery collection that is the envy of many around the world.

But before Catherine married William, the much-loved royal already had her own impressive fortune.

Find out how Catherine made her millions below… What was Catherine Middleton’s net worth before she married?

Time has estimated that Catherine’s net worth stood at around £ 5.3 million before she joined the royal family. This mainly stemmed from her parents Carole and Michael Middleton’s party planning business, Party Pieces, which is said to be worth around £ 30 million.

Writing on the official website, Carole has previously revealed how the company came about. She and Michael both worked for British Airways and lived abroad in Jordan, but decided to return to the UK for the children’s education. “As a mother of three young children I founded Party Pieces hoping to inspire other mothers to create magical parties at home and to make party organising a little easier,” Carole wrote.

When the company celebrated its 30th birthday in 2017, Carole also revealed: “We decided it was time to return [to the UK] for Catherine’s schooling. There was very little partyware available on the high street, and finding the simplest of things was a real challenge. I produced a flyer which I circulated in playgroups and very soon I was using our garden shed as a packing room and office.”

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Both Kate and her younger sister Pippa have worked for the family business. While Pippa edited the blog part-time, Kate was in charge of photography as well as editing catalogues. She quit her job at Party Pieces a few months before her royal wedding in 2011.

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Kate Middleton’s previous jobs: Before working for her parent’s company, Kate was an accessories buyer for Jigsaw. She landed the job in 2006 after being taken on by tycoon John Robinson and his wife Belle, owners of Jigsaw. After quitting her job at Jigsaw in 2008, Kate went to work for her parents’ company. 

What is Kate Middleton’s net worth now? Unsurprisingly, Kate’s fortune increased after she joined the royal family. While her net worth pales compared to Prince William’s £ 30 million, the Duchess still has around £ 7.6 million to her name, according to Celebrity Net Worth. She doesn’t have many expenses either. King Charles’ estate, covers William and Kate’s staff, travel and wardrobe expenses.

As a royal, Catherine is not allowed to have another job but she instead focuses her time and effort on a number of charities and patronages. As a full-time senior royal, she is expected to go on state visits and tours to other countries; her travel expenses are sometimes covered by the host countries.

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The Duchess is based at Kensington Palace, which boasts 20 rooms including five reception rooms and three-bedroom suites complete with dressing rooms and bathrooms. Modern fittings around the house include underfloor heating, encrypted WIFI, a TV projector and a panic room. As for Kate and William’s country home, Anmer Hall in Norfolk was given as a wedding gift from the Queen.

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