Kate Middleton

Catherine has been wearing this irresistible accessory since dating Prince William


From the moment Catherine entered the spotlight as William’s girlfriend, her fashion choices have been closely watched.

Among Catherine, Princess of Wales’ collection of stunning accessories, one item has stood the test of time: her exquisite pearl earrings.

The Princess of Wales is certainly loyal to her favourite classic styles, and there’s one accessory that she’s been wearing ever since she first started dating Prince William back in the early noughties. These timeless gems have adorned Kate’s ears since her early days of courtship with Prince William, becoming an integral part of her signature style. 

Kate is known to love pearl earrings and is often seen in them for formal events, but actually, they were her go-to choice even in her early twenties. Pictures from 2006 – when she first began stepping out publicly with her future husband – show that the luxurious earrings have always been her favourites. Join us as we unveil the captivating story behind Kate’s cherished pearl earrings and explore their significance in her journey as a royal family member.

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One snap from December 2006 sees Kate attending the Sovereign’s Parade at The Royal Military Academy to watch William graduate as an army officer at Sandhurst – looking already regal in a bright red coat and black hat – and, of course, some pretty pearl studs. At the time, many compared the look to one of Princess Diana’s iconic Christmas Day looks. 

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Earlier that year, while watching her then-boyfriend competing in the Chakravarty Cup charity polo match at Ham Polo Club, she also wore a delicate pair of drop earrings with her summery polka-dot dress (a print she still loves now, might we add). 

Of course, over the years she has grown her collection considerably – from Diana’s iconic Collingwood earrings, often worn at banquets, to a diamond-encrusted pair she regularly borrows from the Queen, which was made from a gift of large pearls that the ruler of Bahrain gave to Her Majesty as a wedding present in 1947. Kate’s favourites, however, are thought to be a more modern pair made by designer Annoushka – which sell for £1,220 online. 

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The Duchess isn’t the only royal to love pearls, of course – they’re a go-to classic for the Queen, the Duchess of Cornwall and many more. The Duchess of Sussex, who generally chose more minimal, modern pieces before joining the family, has also adopted the style – a pair of delicate diamond and pearl studs, sweetly gifted to her by the Queen, appear to be her own favourites. 

These elegant gems have accompanied her on countless occasions, capturing the attention of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

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