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Creating a nurturing haven: Catherine reveals how her children inspired her garden design


Catherine revealed how her young children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis played a special role in the design.

The Princess of Wales, Catherine, said: “All the sticks are from Anmer and the children collected the pine cones.”

In a recent revelation, Catherine shared how her children played a significant role in her garden design, showcasing her commitment to creating a nurturing and meaningful environment for them. The Wales family spend a lot of their time at their country home Anmer Hall, and it’s the house where George and Charlotte spent their early years before their move to Kensington Palace, making the addition of the pine cones even more special.

Kate’s garden went down a treat with not only the royal family but George, Charlotte and Louis too. While children are known for being incredibly honest, her first-born sweetly told his dad that he would rate his mum’s garden “twenty out of ten.” Charlotte, meanwhile, screamed with delight at new footage released from their visit, and exclaimed “Ooh la la,” as she ran around the outdoor space with her brothers. George and Charlotte are also understood to have climbed up into the treehouse of the garden.

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As a mother of three, Catherine understands the importance of providing her children with a space where they can grow, explore, and develop their imaginations. One such space is her garden, which she carefully designed with the help of her children—Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

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Catherine explained that involving her children in the garden design process was a way to instil in them a sense of ownership and pride. She wanted to create a space that not only catered to their individual interests but also encouraged them to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.

One of the key elements in Catherine’s garden design was the inclusion of sensory plants and flowers. These plants engage the senses, allowing her children to touch, smell, and interact with nature on a deeper level. From velvety petals to fragrant blooms, the garden became a sensory playground for her children, stimulating their curiosity and fostering a love for the natural world.

Additionally, Catherine incorporated various play areas within the garden, each tailored to suit the interests of her children. A swing set, a mini treehouse, and a secret hideaway were just a few of the features that delighted her young ones. These spaces not only provided opportunities for physical activity but also sparked their imaginations and promoted creative play. 

Catherine also emphasized the importance of incorporating educational elements into the garden design. She installed a section dedicated to growing fruits and vegetables, allowing her children to witness firsthand the cycle of life and learn about the importance of sustainability and healthy eating. This interactive garden plot became a classroom without walls, where her children could observe the growth of plants and develop an understanding of the environment.

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The Princess of Wales’s garden design reflects her understanding of the importance of play, education, and nature in a child’s development. Through her efforts, Catherine showcases how the simplest of spaces can become a canvas for imagination and growth. She reminds us all that in a world often dominated by screens and technology, it is crucial to create opportunities for children to engage with the natural world, explore their surroundings, and develop a deep appreciation for the environment.

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