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Inside Catherine’s clutch bag: 5 must-have items for every royal engagement


One accessory that accompanies the Princess of Wales, Catherine, on royal engagements is her clutch bag.

This clutch bag is an essential item that Catherine usually carries with poise and sophistication.

Well, The Royal UK readers, you’re in for a piece of good news because it seems that the likes of Princess Catherine is just like us, and the revelation is all thanks to Queen Maxima of the Netherlands.

There are five things that you can be certain to find inside Princess Catherine’s bag, ensuring she is always prepared for any situation.

1. Mobile Phone – In today’s digital age, staying connected is essential, even for a member of the royal family. Princess Catherine keeps her mobile phone within her clutch, enabling her to communicate with her loved ones, and royal staff, or access important information at a moment’s notice. Catherine has also revealed her mobile in the past. Whilst watching the gymnastics during the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow back in 2014, Kate was photographed looking at her phone with Prince William and Prince Harry.

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2. Lipstick or Lip Balm: A touch of colour or a moisturizing balm is a must-have for Princess Catherine. She ensures her lips always look fresh and hydrated, allowing her to maintain her radiant smile throughout the day.

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3. Breath Mints or Gum: Maintaining fresh breath is essential when interacting with numerous people during public engagements. It comes as no surprise that Princess Catherine ensures she always has breath mints or gum tucked away in her clutch. 

4. Hand Sanitizer: In a world increasingly conscious of hygiene, hand sanitiser has become an essential item for many individuals, including Princess Catherine. With her focus on public service and interacting with people from all walks of life, carrying hand sanitiser ensures that she can maintain cleanliness and minimize the risk of spreading germs. 

5. Compact Mirror: Maintaining a polished appearance is crucial for a member of the royal family, and Princess Catherine ensures she always looks her best. A compact mirror allows her to discreetly check her makeup or hair, ensuring every aspect of her appearance is picture-perfect. This small but significant item within her clutch ensures she exudes confidence and elegance throughout her public engagements.

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While these are five items you can surely find inside Princess Catherine’s clutch, it is worth noting that her bag likely contains additional personal items specific to her needs. From a notepad and pen for jotting down important notes to other personal necessities, she may carry additional items to ensure she is prepared for any circumstance.

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