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How was Meghan Markle’s first meetings with the Queen and William in 2017?

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, was formally introduced to Her Majesty in 2017 in the Queen’s private apartments. The former Suits star, Meghan, was understandably a little “nervous”. A royal correspondent reveals: “Despite a very brief encounter with Her Majesty earlier (“she and Harry literally bumped into her,” a source laughed), Meghan was still nervous to …

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Meghan Markle’s first podcast “Archetypes” premieres on Spotify

Meghan deconstructs the history of stereotypes about women in “Archetypes,” her first show for Spotify, which premiered Tuesday. Meghan Markle’s next week’s episode will feature a conversation with Mariah Carey. The first episode of “Archetypes” features Serena Williams, talking with Markle about the double standard women face when they are labelled “ambitious.” and Dr Laura Cray, …