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Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth

Why Kate Middleton is just the perfect candidate to become the next Queen?

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate has plans for 2022. She is preparing to become the future Queen consort. With her son, Prince George, already starting school, she’s focusing on the future. There she will hone in on her goal of one day serving as Queen Consort. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has, by all …

Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth

Know everything about Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton’s relationship.

While William and Kate were working out the first four years of their relationship, Queen Elizabeth made it clear to meet her grandson’s girlfriend. In the early stages of their relationship, the Queen and Kate were in the same room on at least three occasions. But it was also observed that there was ‘zero interaction‘ …

Kate Middleton Prince Harry

Relationship between Prince Harry and Duchess of Cambridge?

Prince Harry and Duchess Kate have the cutest brother-sister relationship. “Harry called her the big sister he never had.” Prince Harry opened up about his sister-in-law Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.   The two were constantly spotted at Royal engagements.  Now Prince Harry has opened up about his relationship with Kate Middleton. There was no filling …

Kate Middleton Prince William

Why Kate Middleton and Prince William broke-up before getting married?

It’s been several years since the world witnessed the wedding of the century when Prince William finally made Kate Middleton his royal bride. But there was a time when we didn’t think William and Kate would make it to their wedding day, let alone their tenth anniversary. Even for blue-blooded royals, the path to ‘TRUE …

Kate Middleton

What it’s really like to have Duchess of Cambridge as a mother ?

Take a look at how the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have modified their lifestyle into a more private one since the birth of their children. The Duchess of Cambridge, especially as a mother, has created a ‘cocoon of normalcy’. Here are some facts that may surprise you. The Duchess of Cambridge is the main …

Kate Middleton Prince William

A blast from the past: Prince William and Duchess Kate are 12th cousins!!

This is a very less know secret that the future king, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton are distant cousins. At first, even we did not believe but it’s true that William and Kate are 12th cousins. It was like a skeleton so large that even the vast royal closet struggled to contain it. …