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Young Carole Middleton is the spitting image of Catherine in previously unseen photo

Carole Middleton

Young Carole Middleton is the spitting image of her daughter, Kate, in the throwback photo, which also shows other striking family resemblances.

The previously unseen snap also highlights a few other striking family resemblances that have left fans in shock.

In celebration of Carole Middleton’s 67th birthday, her company Party Pieces shared a photo of her seemingly surrounded by her children. The throwback image appears to show the Middleton kids standing around her wearing party hats, with Carole wearing a stylish outfit that would rival any of Kate Middleton’s dresses.

The post, shared on the Party Pieces Instagram reads, “Happiest of Birthdays to the party planner extraordinaire! We hope you have the most magical day

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Although it was previously revealed that Carole Middleton’s eye for ‘perfection’ prepared Kate Middleton for her royal role, it appears that the Duchess’ mother also inspired her to be a super mum!

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In the photo, successful businesswoman Carole is seen surrounded by Duchess Kate, James Middleton, and Pippa Middleton all looking super cute in party hats. However, you would be forgiven for thinking that the photo was in fact of the Cambridge children as the family resemblance is so strong. Especially between Pippa and Prince Louis.

Not only that but the Middleton matriarch has hardly aged a day since the photo was taken! She’s still maintaining her style-savvy and when fans discovered M&S is selling a replica of Carole Middleton’s dreamy striped top, sales went through the roof.

The famously tight-knit clan are sure to be well versed in how to throw a party, in light of their mum’s successful business, which she founded with the help of an unlikely inspiration. It turns out that Carole Middleton says Kate inspired her to take one of the biggest risks of her life, to start her company when the Duchess was only 5-years-old!

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