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Camilla’s royal struggles dwarf Meghan and Harry’s – but she’s NEVER complained


The way the Duchess of Cornwall has dealt with harsh criticism serves as an example for Meghan Markle.

Camilla Parker faced a huge public backlash when she first became Prince Charles’ partner.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall have endured crises of their own inside the Royal Family. Veteran royal photographer Arthur Edwards claimed that Camilla is just a perfect example for Duchess of Sussex, Meghan. 

Mr Edwards wrote: “Charles is a man who, after the death of Diana and his marriage to Camilla, suffered more adverse publicity than any member of the Royal Family in modern times. “He didn’t run away nor did he hide. He didn’t criticise”.  “Charles and Camilla faced up to the criticism, got on with it and showed they were two people who want to do their duty for their country. “No matter what bad publicity they have had, they have always looked straight down the camera and won over their critics.”

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Penny Junor, in her 2017 biography “The Duchess”, also talks about how Camilla bravely weathered the “horrendous” time. Ms Junor writes: “Life became horrendous, not just for Camilla herself but for all her immediate family.” Ms Junor adds: “How anyone comes back from that sort of public humiliation is unimaginable. I suspect most people would have been crushed by it.” 

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In contrast, Mr Edwards was critical of the way Harry and Meghan have dealt with the media.

He wrote: “Harry and Meghan are blaming the media and have cancelled the Rota – a system where each newspaper takes a turn in covering royal engagements and shares the pictures with every publication.

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“Now they are going to ban all newspapers except The Daily Telegraph. “But they should beware, the Telegraph is a serious newspaper – just ask the MPs who fiddled their expenses. “And if it finds the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should be held accountable for something, the paper will inevitably do its duty and inform its readers.”

Despite facing problems, both Meghan and Camilla chose different paths and tackled the situation in their own way. So, it really can’t be said who was right or wrong! If you were in their shoes, that you’d have done?

Team Meghan or Team Camilla? 

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