Camilla Parker-Bowles Prince Charles

Royal Surprise: Camilla to become Queen after Prince Charles becomes King.


Even Prince Phillip after marrying the Queen isn’t known as the King. Surprisingly, Prince Charles wants something special to happen for his wife, Camilla.

The Prince of Wales wants Camilla Parker Bowles to be Queen after he becomes the King.

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According to some reports, the Prince of Wales’ website has deleted a portion of its FAQ page. Thinking what it had? Well, it had proclaimed that, when Queen Elizabeth dies and Charles ascends to the throne, Camilla would be known as HRH The Princess Consort, instead of Queen Camilla.

In a statement, the palace denied the move indicates that Charles intends to allow Camilla to be called queen.

“Our frequently asked questions are updated regularly. This is one question that Clarence House has not been asked by the public for some time now. This is why it no longer features”.

When Charles and Camilla married back in 2005, it was announced that she would go by the unprecedented royal title.

Reports also indicated that Prince Charles made this particular agreement to receive his mother’s blessing for the union. Why so? Well, that’s because she’s long been considered opposed to calling Camilla ‘Queen’.

Camilla’s reputation has long been controversial due to her affair with Charles during his marriage to Princess Diana. Despite the agreement and the British public’s having an opinion against Camilla, Charles plans on using his power as King.

Prince Charles would be able to make changes and make his wife Queen once he ascends to the throne. The reports also say that he’s spend the better part of the last decade attempting to back pedal on the promise.

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A source tells us: “He will tell the ‘Accession Council’ his choice of regal name. Then he will authoritatively make it clear that his wife is and will be known as Queen Camilla”.

Royal biographer, Penny Junor said that she expects Prince Charles to do such a thing. But why?

“It is odd that they would have taken it down if there was any possibility that she was not ever going to be called anything other than Princess Consort. My feeling is that he always wanted her to be more than everything”.