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Only 14% Britons want Camilla to be the Queen: Charles’ image suffer as world remembers Diana.


Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla are going to have a tough few weeks ahead of them.

As the 23rd death anniversary of Prince Charles’ ex-wife, Princess Diana, looms in 14 days, he was reminded that the negative legacy of that awful moments is still being felt.

Apparently, a poll by the British national news agency, The Press Association found that 27 per cent of the Britishers felt Prince Charles had a negative impact on the reputation of the Royal Family up from 15 per cent in 2013. It was also duly noted that only 36 per cent has been beneficial to the British Monarchy, compared to the 60 per cent four years ago.

Now, Prince Charles’ hope of having his wife, Camilla accepted as his Queen Consort also has taken a knock. A mere 14% of the Britishers would like her to have that title when Prince Charles is crowned King. There are even people with 39 per cent believing she should be given the title of Princess Consort instead.

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The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla’s role in the Royal marriage’s difficulties and the pain that caused Princess Diana have been raised again. This is because the Princess’s life is celebrated and remembered again in a series of films and documentaries.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – JULY 29: Prince Charles And Princess Diana On The Balcony Of Buckingham Palace On Their Wedding Day.

Meanwhile, Princess Diana’s former chief of staff also commented in a rare and a candid interview. “If Camilla was called Queen, there would be riots among the people”. “Whether Camilla will be consort or Queen, I think there would be a massive riot. There has been a lot of forgiving going on. But there is still a deep-seated public disquiet over the way she behaved”.

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Camilla Parker-Bowles has been married to Prince Charles for quite a few years. So it should be very much safe to say that the resentment is pretty much gone at this point! Although Prince William and Prince Harry may not spend a lot of time with her, it would appear as if the relationship between Camilla and the son’s of Prince Charles is just fine.

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Despite the disappointing results of the survey, it remains to be seen as to if Camilla Parker will ever be granted the title of Queen Consort or not. Well, actually even we do know. However, Prince Charles will take the decision with Camilla which will be beneficial for everyone.

For our Princess, may Princess Diana rest in peace

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