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Prince Charles and Camilla avoid eating chilies and garlic, reveals her son.


Tom Parker Bowles, has claimed that his mother, The Duchess of Cornwall, and Prince Charles do not like hot dishes like curry and avoid garlic.

He also said that this is because they “come from a generation where they don’t really like chilli and garlic”.

Mr Parker Bowles also said that Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla were too old to have been a part of the “culinary revolution” which has also swept through Britain in these recent years.

The cookbook author said, that he really liked chillies and garlic but his mother was “quite particular” in her tastes and preferred cooking the dishes like scrambled eggs.

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Mr Parker Bowles also revealed that Camilla was “working very hard” with all the Royal Engagements. He also said that she has been busier than ever at an age when most of the people retire. 

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Mr Parker Bowles admitted it would be ‘idiotic’ to cook for Charles and Camilla

“Despite being a food critic it would be ‘idiotic’ for me to try and cook for Prince Charles and my mother. My mom is a very good cook, but my stepdad and my mom have a lot of very good chefs. I like chilli and spice and garlic and (Charles and Camilla) come from a generation where they don’t really like chilli.

Camilla and Prince Charles do not like hot dishes like curry

Tom’ comments are different than those of an interview given by Prince Harry a few years ago. In the interview, Prince Harry said that his father ‘loves a good curry. Prince Harry’s words were proved right when last summer Prince Charles picked up a spoon and tasted a ‘Rogan Josh curry’ at an Indian stall at a farmer’s market in Penzance.

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Prince Charles’ former personal chef, Atul Kochhar said that he likes spicy curries and Prince Charles and Camilla love Indian restaurant in South-all, London.

He also stated that “My mom is the opposite of most people. That too in that for the first 55 years of her life she was just our mom. She looked after us and didn’t work”.

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