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Royal fans are convinced that Duchess Kate wants fourth baby after this hilarious video goes viral


Kate Middleton, 40, has shown off her broody side in a sweet video alongside her husband Prince William, 39.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, has admitted she’s broody

The couple attended a market in Wales as part of their St David’s day engagement and when they left the venue, the Duchess of Cambridge was very taken by an adorable newborn in the arms of a royal fan outside. The video clip went viral on Twitter and it shows Kate beaming when she catches glimpse of the baby she gestures to Prince William who then holds up his hand in a stop position.

After seeing the video, one fan joked that this could be us witnessing Kate’s tactics to convince Prince William that baby number four is a good idea. 

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They wrote: “Catherine is still trying to persuade William into having Baby Cambridge. You’ve got to admire her persistence!

“It’s funny to see how nervous William gets every time the couple approach children under one. He knows his wife gets incredibly broody and she’ll try to convince him to have another baby! “Come on, Will! Just one more.”

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The couple is already parents to three beautiful children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis but the Duchess has expressed her broodiness for another baby.  

Back in February, Kate admitted she felt “broody” as she chatted with parents and their babies at Copenhagen’s Children’s Museum and joked that her husband worries about her working with under one-year-olds because she returns home wanting “another one”.

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During another royal visit earlier this year, the Duchess cooed over a young baby as she held her in her arms. Prince William, looking at his wife gazing at the baby, said: “Don’t give her any ideas,” to laughter. “You can’t take her with you,” he told Kate, smiling.

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