The Royal Family

The new British royal family tree is here!

Royal Family

Now, the royal family is not the same as it used to be. The British royal family has two new member additions. 

Well, one is Prince Louis and the other one is the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

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And, here we start with the new British royal family tree.

Queen Elizabeth

It all starts from Queen Elizabeth II. She is the longest reigning monarch in British history. It’s her hard work and dedication towards her country, that has made people love the royal family.

Prince Philip

The second up is Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip. He is also known as the Duke of Edinburgh. He has been in the family for more than seven decades now. He has sacrificed all of his things to serve his country and support his wife. 

Prince Charles

The Prince of Wales, Charles is the first born of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. He is also the heir apparent to the British throne. He had a few rough patches in the earlier stages of his life. But now, he has moved on and tried to there for his kids, family and his country.  

Camilla Parker Bowles

While she’s been in the picture for a while now, Prince Charles’ second wife and his true love only officially joined the royal family in 2005. And since then, she has given all of her towards her family and country.

Princess Diana

Princess Diana is also known as the people’s princess. She was the first wife of Prince Charles. Diana died in August 1997. Though, she is not physically present with us, but we know she is present somewhere inside all of us, who loved her. 

Prince William

Prince William is the first born of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. He is also the second in line to acquire the British throne. Prince William was the first child in the royal family who was born at a hospital. The birth of William changed a lot of things for the British royal family.

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate

Kate Middleton entered the royal family in 2011. She is the wife of the Duke of Cambridge, William. Kate Middleton’s arrival too, changed a lot of things in the royal family. The biggest change was when she decided to raise her children by her rules.

Prince George

Little Prince George, is the first born of William and Kate. He is also the third in line to the throne. He is often seen with his parents on many royal celebrations and occasions.

Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte is the second born of William and Kate. She is two years younger than her elder brother, Prince George. She has also been seen on several occasions and royal celebrations. Also, many people say she has a resembles Queen Elizabeth. 

Prince Louis

Well, he is the most newest addition to the royal family. He is also the fifth in line to the throne. Though, we haven’t seen him since his birth in April, but we expect to see him soon when he is a nit more grown up. 

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Prince Harry

He is the second born of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Firstly, congratulations to him, as he just got married. He is sixth in line to the British throne. And, he just got a gift from his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, which was his new title of the ‘Duke of Sussex’. 

Meghan Markle

On marrying Prince Harry, Meghan Markle is the second newest addition into the royal family. And, she too got her first ever royal title of  ‘The Duchess of Sussex’.