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British government holds meeting to pray for Queen Elizabeth’s health.


There’s tension building inside the British government. They fear, that the time has almost come and Queen Elizabeth’s reign of 70 years might end soon. 

And so, the British government has been praying for their reigning monarch.

Some British ministers have become concerned, holding a meeting about their monarch’s healthy and long life. And, that is all as she is missing a few engagements this year because she is sick.

All the things that happened at the meeting: Leaders including the Prime Minister’s deputy, Home Secretary and parliament leader, all met last week. They sat all together, to pray for Her Majesty and her healthy life. 

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But, this was not all. There was one more thing, that occurred during the meeting. The ministers also ran ‘Castle Dove’. It is an exercise for what happens when Queen Elizabeth dies. 

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It looks like the British government wants to be ready for every situation that lies before them: Discussions of the day after the death were reportedly not prompted by any significant worries about the Queen.

The Queen has missed many events this year. Buckingham Palace announced that Queen Elizabeth did not attend all these royal events because she was feeling under the weather. But, the media reported that she was believed to be suffering from age.

Government and the media, both have an extensive plan with an exact routine for mourning and royal succession: Her Majesty is now 96, and last year the Guardian ran a piece about how the information about her death will be conveyed to the government and the BBC, which is through a general code word ‘London Bridge is down.

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Also, many media outlets have already planned out days and days of coverage. In fact, one station is even rehearsing substituting the name ‘Mrs. Robinson’ for the Queen. Long Live the Queen.

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