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A rare look at Meghan’s close bond with Prince Philip

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Meghan’s relationship with other members of the royal family may be unstable but her ties with Prince Philip were quite cordial.

An exiled European royal who thought of himself as an outsider early on, Prince Philip found his place in the world through sacrifice and service to the British monarchy. 

Prince Philip welcomed new royals, like Princess Diana and Meghan, because he knew “what it’s like to be the new person on the block and suddenly come into this family with all their strange protocols”. Prince Philip, being a very intelligent man, knew how to handle all these newcomers, but in return, he only expected that they, too, would have a sense of duty as he had,”

A friend of Meghan candidly talked about Meghan and the Duke of Edinburgh’s special bond. Chatting with the Daily Mail, the friend of the former actress said that she and Prince Philip “had a special bond and she adored him.” “Meghan said her main concern right now is supporting Harry. Meghan said attending or not attending Prince Philip’s funeral isn’t going to change her relationship with the Queen.”

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“She said the Queen understands her absence and would want her to stay safe and healthy for the baby. Meghan said this is the opportune time for Harry to mend his relationship with his brother and his dad.” “She doesn’t need to be there for that,” added the friend.

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When it came to his grandsons and their spouses, the duke was said to have a very good relationship with both of them. On very few occasions, Meghan and Prince Philip were photographed together, but their bond was stronger than that. Prince Philip retired from all his royal duties by 2017. By the time Philip’s grandson, Harry, met and fell in love with Meghan Markle, the ageing Duke of Edinburgh had retired from public duties.

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Despite undergoing hip surgery just weeks before their 2018 wedding, Prince Philip was determined to walk into the chapel unaided. The Duke of Edinburgh welcomed Meghan at the as he knew what it’s like to be an outsider, and so he’s always very supportive of people marrying into the family,” biographer Ingrid Seward said.

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