Meghan Markle

Body language experts reveal why Meghan Markle is always touching her hair.


This is the evidence that proves Meghan Markle, even after being a celebrity and a royal is just like us.

Each one of us has a habit, from touching hair to biting nails, that everyone points out all the time.

Some bite their nails. Others cross their arms. As for Meghan, she touches her hair, constantly. Meghan Markle and the rest of the world as well unknowingly do these behaviours to give comfort.

Blanca Cobb, a body expert said: “Some people touch their hair or maybe play with their fingernails, as a way to psychologically and physiologically calm themselves. That is done when they’re feeling anxious, uncomfortable or stressed even.

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“Some people might touch, twirl a bit or stroke their hair when present in awkward social situations. Some of them are like when they’re not sure what to do or what to say. This particular behaviour is the grown-up version of clenching to a stuffed toy or a pacifier”.

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We wanted to see if there’s something more to her behaviour or if it’s just a habit!?

“Situation is key when distinguishing a habit from a nonverbal tell. As such, if someone frequently touches their hair in a variety of non-stressful scenarios such as talking on the phone or watching TV then it’s more certainly a habit.

“People sometimes are not even aware of it. However, if they tend to touch their hair when having an intense discussion or they’re uncomfortable with someone or something around them, then it’s more likely a body language tell”. Well, It is fair to assume that during major photo sessions when you know that millions of people will see these photos for years to come, you would be nervous.

In these situations, Meghan’s hair touch is very much a soothing gesture. Even her head is also tilted down a little. However, when sometimes you feel too much of attention, you might tuck your chin down to shield yourself”.

It’s just a matter of comfort in whichever way a person gets it. On one hand, hair touching is mostly a reaction to an uncomfortable or non-suited situation, however, it can also be a sign of confidence.

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“With her head tilted a little, exposing her neck, Meghan actually oozes allure. The way she holds her hair states that she’s indeed being playful with the camera”. Whereas, if we see as a layman, it’s also certain that in addition to habit or comfort, Meghan’s touching her hair is just a mere reaction to the wind.

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