Kate Middleton

5 reasons Kate Middleton will make a great queen one day


Kate might be the future but it is extremely hard to imagine the British monarchy without Queen Elizabeth at the helm.

One day it will be Prince William’s turn to step up and make Kate Middleton the Queen Consort.

And though we’ve only known her as the Duchess of Cambridge so far, there’s no scepticism that Kate will make a great queen who Queen Elizabeth would absolutely be proud of. We’ve seen Kate grow from a normal college classmate who caught William’s eye to the fiancée of the future king, and now, a duchess, wife, and mom. Though the life she’s living today as part of the royal family is likely very distinct from when she was growing up as the daughter of Michael and Carole Middleton, she’s truly excelled at the role.

It will be a while before Will is called to take the throne, but when he does, we know Kate will be ready to reign beside him. Read on for all of the reasons why we think Catherine will make a wonderful queen in the future. We can’t wait to see it!

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Queen Elizabeth seems to approve

Though we don’t know Duchess Kate personally, Queen Elizabeth does, and as far as we can tell, she’s a good judge of character — and she’s not about to let anyone off easy. Seeing how much the monarch seems to have loved Kate from day one makes us feel like she’s happy she’s the woman who will sit beside King William eventually.

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She’s an Amazing Mom

Being a mom of three isn’t an easy task, and we say this without also happening to be a member of the royal family who lives under a microscope! Kate has always been so dedicated to Princess Charlotte, Prince George, and Prince Louis, and is an incredibly hands-on mother, despite the royal obligations that she also has to meet.

She Works Hard for the Causes She Cares About

Even before she became a mom, one of the causes that have always been important to Kate has been making sure that children are taken care of and well-educated, and that their parents are given the tools they need to raise them, especially those who are less privileged. Kate works tirelessly for this cause, and it’s clear how much it means to her.

Her Relationship With William

Kate’s sweet love story with William has spanned more than 15 years at this point, and despite the ups and downs they’ve had along the way, their love has never changed. Just as Queen Elizabeth’s long relationship with Prince Philip has been a huge part of her legacy, Will having Kate by his side will be a big part of his.

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She’ll Have Plenty of Years of Experience

2021 will mark Kate’s 10th wedding anniversary to William, which means it will also mark 10 years of her job as the Duchess of Cambridge. By the time Will eventually steps up to be king, she’ll have even more years under her belt that ensure she’s ready to become queen.

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