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Princess Diana’s astrologer predicts Harry and Meghan’s future


Royal astrologer Debbie Frank reveals what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can expect for their marriage and life, in general, this year.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to officially step back from the royal family in January 2020.

Debbie frank wrote: “Part of Meghan’s raison d’etre is communication – she needs to be a voice and as Uranus activates her powers of communication this year, she needs to make herself heard. She will talk about controversial issues this Spring. The Virgo Full Moon connects her Venus and Harry’s Sun in Virgo with the effect of upping their public profile. This will make ground-breaking conjunction between Mars and Pluto on her marriage angle – it is as if the duo are set to disagree with the ‘powers that be’ in the establishment, so Meghan will be striving her corner.

“Nevertheless, there are surely some bright lights for Meghan Markle in late Spring and into early Summer when generous, expansive Jupiter will put her marriage onto a better and happier footing as she and Harry go global and they magic up the success that generates a strong pathway for lies ahead of them.

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“2020 produces a few difficulties and delays which require Meghan to process and wait rather than forge ahead with her goals. Venus might retrograde and she has to re-visit the past. Then it’s onto the next eclipse on July 5 in Capricorn which again ripples across all the royal family and brings the January royal family issues up to the surface again.

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“The rest of 2020 is packed with significant cosmic pointers that challenge Meghan to stay on track with her visions and dreams and could present exciting additions to the marriage. She’s certainly highly visible and in December there’s a real sense of cutting with the past, perhaps another baby on the way and relief from having navigated a hugely transformational period.”

Previously, Debbie also shed light on the big changes for the royal family earlier on in 2020, and how they could affect Meghan and Harry. She said: “The royals are always hugely impacted by eclipses: major happenings such as Princess Diana and Prince Charles getting married, the birth of both Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Diana’s death all occurred very close to eclipses which since ancient times have always reflected epic events.

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“Pluto can act like a wrecking-ball, toppling even deeply entrenched set-ups and acting as a catalyst for new ways to emerge. Meghan is the bombshell designed to blast through the royal family, which is now forced to re-group. Since Pluto will stay in this position for much of 2020, there are further far-reaching changes to come. This is only the start… The hope is that Harry and Meghan can emerge as a power couple in their own right.”

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The article is taken from Hello! Magazine