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How baby Archie’s upbringing will be very different from his royal cousins?


Ever since the Sussexes decided to step back as senior royals, we always knew one thing that their son will have a different upbringing to his royal cousins.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are baby Archie’s royal cousin.

Before his arrival in 2019, Prince Harry and Meghan expressed their desires for their child. They said they want their child to grow up as a private citizen and preferred not to give Archie a title after his birth. However, when Prince Charles becomes King, Archie will be eligible to be styled as a Prince if Harry and Meghan are okay with it.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge introduced all their three children publicly hours after their births. However, Archie made his debut after two days and his christening was kept a private affair, with no photography allowed.

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It remains to be seen if Archie chooses to become a working member of the royal family when he’s an adult. It should be noted that he will move further down the line of succession as his cousins grow up and have families.

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At a very young age of one, Archie has already lived in three different countries. He has spent the initial six months of his life in the UK, residing at Frogmore Cottage. He then moved to Vancouver Island in Canada with his parents at the fag end of 2019. Shortly after that, it was confirmed that the couple had moved to Meghan’s town, Los Angeles.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expected to return to the UK regularly. But, it seems that baby Archie will be studying and completing his education in the US. The couple could follow the pattern of royals sending their children to a Montessori school. It’s believed that Meghan wants Archie to grow up aware of his US heritage and even if the couple had remained living in the UK.

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Baby Archie is likely to have more freedom than George, Charlotte, and Louis. When it comes to his future career path he will have more options than his royal cousins. While his cousins are expected to be working members of the royal family, Archie will have many options. He could follow in father Harry’s footsteps by joining the armed forces or become an actor just like his mother.

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