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Royal update: King Charles all set to get full custody of Prince Archie after coronation?

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King Charles said Harry and Meghan’s decision to quit as working royals resulted in uncertainty over the future of their children.

A 300-year-old royal prerogative means that the ruling monarch (King Charles) is believed to have automatic custody of all the minor grandchildren.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the British monarchy, the latest buzz surrounds an intriguing question: Has King Charles been granted full custody of Archie, Prince Harry’s beloved son, following his coronation? While there has been no official announcement yet, rumours have ignited a whirlwind of speculation. This article aims to explore the topic and shed light on the possibilities surrounding this captivating royal development.

In the absence of official confirmation, speculation surrounding King Charles’ potential custody of Archie has reached a fever pitch. Rumours have suggested that the change in custody arrangements might occur after King Charles’ coronation. However, it is important to approach such rumours with caution, as they may stem from unfounded sources or exaggerations.

Determining custody arrangements for a royal child involves various factors that must be taken into account. King Charles, baby Archie’s grandfather could have custody over Prince Archie after the coronation ceremony that happened on 6th May 2023. 

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This is based on the fact regarding the ruling sovereign’s right to veto the line of succession, only for the first six heirs to the throne. Prince Archie falls under the first six heirs after King Charles III became the ruling monarch yesterday. So technically speaking, King Charles could actually have custody over Prince Archie and even over baby Lilibet Diana since she’s sixth in line to the throne (even though both are not likely to rule, ever).

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Well, for the current time being, the Duke and Duchess of Sussexes, Harry and Meghan have full custody of Archie unless the royal prerogative is adapted into an Act of Parliament.

The couple is ” financially independent now”. In the past few years, they’ve signed mega deals with Netflix and talked openly about their life as a royal in “The Oprah Show”. Last December in 2022 they event released a documentary on Netflix.

Queen Camilla was asked whether she would “miss Harry and Meghan” since they had left as the royals. Clearly, it was visible that Camilla was unprepared for the question and paused before she started to walk away. However, she replied “Hmmm, of course” as she exited the door.

The couple, Harry and Meghan, are following in Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie’s footsteps of having independent jobs but retaining their titles and ties with the family.

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While rumours of King Charles being granted full custody of Archie after his coronation has created a buzz, it is important to approach such news with caution until an official announcement is made. Custody arrangements within the British monarchy are historically managed discreetly, and the privacy of those involved is respected.

Until any official confirmation is provided, it is crucial to distinguish between speculation and verified information. As the monarchy continues to evolve, custody arrangements and the welfare of young members, such as Archie, will undoubtedly remain subjects of great interest and debate.

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