Queen Elizabeth

Elizabeth exclusive: The most amazing necklaces worn by the Queen.


All the necklaces worn by Queen Elizabeth are worth millions of pounds. They are the symbol of love and power.

These necklaces are kept in a very secure vault inside Buckingham Palace.

Their beauty is exalted and their history is eccentric. They are the queen of England’s most impressive and important necklaces. The Royal UK has rounded up the top 9 of Her Majesty’s personal collection. 


This necklace was created to display the gold and enamel Dagmar Cross. This is said to contain a fragment of the True Cross and a piece of silk from King Canute’s grave. However, the whole piece came into Queen Elizabeth’s possession. She has never worn it with an intriguing attachment. This necklace contains about 118 pearls and 2,000 diamonds.

Queen Alexandra’s Dagmar Necklace

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